What is the Deadly MERS Virus – is it like SARS?

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Photo Credit: Reuters/National Institute for Allergy and infectious diseases/handout via Reuters.

By Tovah Kersner

The deadly disease MERS CoV is an acronym for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome -Coronavirus and is more deadly than it’s genetic relative SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus, which killed 800 people during the 2002-2003 outbreak in China. Although MERS is deadlier, but so far as I write this post, it is believed to be less transmittable than SARS in humans. It’s understood that the virus could have come from infected camels or perhaps bats, but this still has to be confirmed.

What is the Deadly MERS Virus – is it like SARS?

The Symptoms are very similar to SARS. It’s a lung infection, with coughing, breathing difficulties and temperature or general flu like symptoms. The killer difference with MERS is that it also causes rapid kidney failure. With our over exposure to medical drugs and weakened immune systems, nutritional deficiencies, global high speed travel, dense populations, super bugs like MERS could potentially spread like wildfire and become the next global pandemic.

Alarmingly, there is no known cure in Western Medicine for MERS or any other superbug.

There is no known conventional anti-biotic, anti-viral drug, vaccine or any treatment in conventional western medicine to combat the MERS illness. When patients go to hospital emergency rooms, usually with weak immune systems, they are susceptible to catching other superbugs from the hospital. It’s reported that superbugs are now killing 48,000 patients every year, in the U.S.A alone.

Today May 15th.  Reuters reported – ‘Saudi Arabia said that 10 more people infected with MERS had died over the last two days and identified twenty new cases of the virus,

Out of the Box Remedies

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pushing the total number of infections in the country to 511′. Since it’s outbreak in 2012 the MERS virus has spread to neighbouring, United Arab Emerates, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Jordan. Israel is on high alert, being part of the Middle East. There are reports that also suggest pilgrims from as far afield as Malaysia and the Philippines contracted the virus while on hajj in Mecca last year. The threat in the near future, is how will it spread during the hajj in Mecca in 2014.

The terrifying spread to western countries is on the increase. Only this week there were two cases reported in the USA, a case in the UK and France has also been suspected. The first case of MERS in the US was reported on the 2nd May, a healthcare worker, returning home from Saudi. Medical workers are at particular risk of infection!

Should we be afraid ?

Out of the Box Remedies

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Dr Ian Mackay, an epidemiologist at the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre at the University of Queensland, has been monitoring the pattern, and is warning about where this might be headed. The Saudi Health Ministry have been criticized for not publishing up to date findings that may help experts like Dr Mackay, as well as monitors at the World Heath Organization (WHO) to study whether the virus has mutated and become more transmittable through humans. If it has, then we are likely to see the inevitable pandemic. Dr Mackay Has a website with up to date reporting of the countries affected. On the 14th May he said the 19th country to be affected was the Netherlands. For Dr Makays website Click Here.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal 18th May the headline reads:

Health Officials Report First U.S. Person-to-Person MERS Transmission

This is a man in Illinois exhibiting evidence of infection after meeting with a doctor who was the first diagnosed U.S case. The friend of the doctor didn’t think his symptoms were bad enough to seek medical care, said the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, which is monitoring  for and investigating the MERS cases in the USA. Click Here for the full report.

Who is the most susceptible to the MERS Virus.

  • Obviously anyone who has been to an infected Middle East Country.
  • MERS is a very nasty disease for anyone with an already chronic disease i.e
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Hypertension
  • Lung Disease
  • Malignancy
  • Smokers.

For many who are particularly unhealthy with chronic diseases, the future of our universe doesn’t look like a fairy tale. So what’s the solution?

Prevention is better than cure. Let’s Make ourselves as healthy as possible.

Although there is much happening in the world that is beyond our control, we are still in charge of our own bodies. Prevention is always the best medicine! After all, we don’t cross a street without first looking to see if it is safe to cross. Without doing so would be insane. It’s the same with our health. Many people have relied on conventional western medicine for so long that the idea of there being no available western, conventional, doctor medicine for a disease like MERS, SARS and other superbugs is very frightening.

Take more responsibility for your own health.

Life is not like the old days, where if you read a label on a food product you knew it was reliable. (I know that was a long time ago) Check the labels on your food and even be diligent about the organic food that you think your buying. We can’t trust everything that we read on labels any more. Chia Seeds a Superfood but Beware

Stop drinking water with Fluoride Is your water filled with rat poison? It’s called Fluoride In other words we have to start taking personal responsibility for our own health

Out of the Box Remedies

Death in the Environment

issues. I’m not suggesting that if you feel sick, you should not go to see the doctor, if that is what you are used to doing, but start to be aware that there are other methods of powerful medicine which were around long before western medicine, which really has just tried to copy it.

Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Natural Remedies

For those not familiar with alternative medicine, which in many cases is banned as unsafe by the FDA, is in fact a great alternative and the only alternative, for preventing or ridding most of these superbug viruses. Even though these natural remedies have been used for thousands of years, combining some of them with western medicine can be dangerous, so seek professional help if you be taking any prescribed medicine.

How to prevent becoming infected by MERS. I am not suggesting that these are cures for MERS or any other superbug, but all of the following will help to keep your organs, immune system and general health in better shape, to help fight off any unwanted virus.

  1. You will find that many of theseproductscan be found in your kitchen or at your local health food store. Keep off sugar, alcohol, white product carbohydrates e.g flour, rice which mightbeGMO anyway, so all the more reason to cut ’em out
    1. The following are suggestions from my own past and present experiences. I am in my 60’s and healthier and more active than many a 30 year old.
    2. Keep away from fast food and processed foods.
  2. SAGE TEA for Lung Health (Don’t forget sage and onion stuffing in your chicken!)
  3. BAKING SODA. Helps to keep the body ALKALINE. Good alkalinity in the body prevents i.e cancer, diabetes, viral/bacterial diseases and will help to keep your Immune System in better shape.
  4. ZINC will strengthen your Immune System as well…
  5. l-Cysteine l-Glutamine
  6. SELENIUM (eat 2 Brazil Nuts everyday) helps to prevent viruses.
  7. 1/2 FRESH LEMON with 1 Tablespoon of OLIVE OIL in a cup of warm water every morning. Before your coffee or breakfast (This is a good cleanser for the digestive system, liver and kidneys.)
  8. RAW GARLIC (One of natures Anti-biotics)
  9. BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES  (for a great daily dose of vitamins and minerals) If you’ve not heard of Blackstrap Molasses take a look at Blackstrap Molasses is the Best

    Out of the Box Remedies

    Blackstrap Molasses

  10. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (15 reasons to use ACV)
  11. CRANBERRIES & DANDELION ROOT. (For good kidney health and liver function.)
  12. LUGOLS IODINE 10 mgs every day. (Acts as a very powerful anti-septic in the body and Thyroid health) See Hormone Catalyst for purchase. This is NOT the iodine that you buy at the pharmacy for cleaning open wounds.
  13. ANTI-VIRAL DECONGESTANT 2 X day everyday (Kills the onslaught of viruses viral/bacterial in the sinuses, where most viruses start.) See Anti-viral nasal decongestant 
  14. Minor Blue Green Dragon. (ephedra) A highly effective pandemic ingredient. See Natural News  – here you will find a report on Ephedra.

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