Diabetes Remedy for Your Pet

by Yohanan Burket

Pet Diabetes Formula_captionA major reason for prevalence of diabetes in both people and pets is the widespread deficiency of iodine in our diets.

Dr. David Brownstein found that 95% of people he tested for iodine are deficient in this nutrient. It is highly likely that the same statistic would apply to pets.

What Causes Iodine Deficiency?

Since animal (and people) cannot produce iodine in the body, it must be introduced externally. The major cause of iodine deficiency is the low quality pet food, which does not contain any iodine.

Iodine Found to Reverse Diabetes

Iodine corrects the cause of diabetes, a disease that has become very prevalent in modern society. This remarkable observation was discovered by Dr. Jorge Flechas of North Carolina, USA, who accidently found out that administered iodine to a diabetic woman caused her diabetes to be reversed, requiring her to take less insulin. The details can be found on my other blog entitled Reverse Diabetes with Lugol’s Iodine.

Ways to Take Iodine

Iodine can be taken either transdermally or orally for pets, the same as for people. The easiest way to administer iodine to your pet is to put iodine drops in the pet’s water dish.

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Optimize your Oral Health

By Yohanan Burket

www.outoftheboxremedies.comThis might surprise you, but if you are over 30 years old, there is a better than 90 percent chance that you have oral health issues.

Typical oral health issues include bad breath (halitosis), swollen gums, bleeding gums, receding gums, gingivitis, and loose teeth. Unfortunately, commercial products are ineffective as evidenced by the fact that 90% of people over 30 have oral health problems.

Some manufacturers have recognized that essential oils are a powerful weapon in the war against oral health issues. Typical products now on the market include OralMD, OraWellness, and the featured Antiseptic Breath Freshener. The first two are only essential oils, whereas the Antiseptic Breath Freshener also includes colloidal silver, a known anti-bacterial that is effective against over 650 types of bacteria. The breath freshening properties of essential oils are second to none, and peppermint essential oil even causes one to feel exhilarated.

Colloidal (Ionic) Silver as an Anti-bacterial Agent

Colloidal silver has finally been recognized by mainstream medicine (again) as an effective anti-bacterial agent. I say “again” because colloidal silver was the antibiotic of choice before the so-called “miracle” drug known as penicillin. That penicillin is rarely if ever used means that it wasn’t quite a miracle. The fact is that most bacteria is now resistant to penicillin, along with other fungal-based antibiotics. Things have gotten so out of control in hospitals that the doctors are clueless in dealing with the new superbugs; they have essentially give up when faced with superbugs, even though the solution is right under their noses. You see, doctors are only allowed to prescribe specific drugs, and colloidal silver isn’t on the list, even though it has proven itself as a safe antibacterial agent. Fake sites such as “snopes” try to demonize colloidal silver by saying it turns you blue, but that is utter nonsense in low concentrations (such as 10 ppm) and in ionic form (as opposed to silver compounds such as silver nitrate). True colloidal silver is simply silver ions floating in a distilled water solution.

The clothing industry recently discovered that silver or copper strands in socks reduce foul odors, and that is because both of these metals have antibacterial properties.

Hospitals in Israel are investigating replacing door knobs with copper push plates, and replacing plastic trays with copper trays (probably copper plated for economy). Silver is even better, but is of course much more expensive than copper and silver items would be more likely to be “pinched” if in a public setting!

Essential Oils are Concentrated Medicine

The use of essential oils is well known in the natural health community, and Oregano oil is a prime example of a natural essential oil that is so powerful that it wipes out strep throat in short order. If you take Oregano oil immediately after acquiring a strep throat, you can completely eliminate it within 24 hours. If the strep throat has set in, you can still rapidly get rid of it within 72 hours. Compare these results with the typical two weeks required to get rid of strep throat by any other method (such as with Listerine, etcetera). Because Oregano oil is so powerful, it is often diluted with other cheaper oils, so let the buyer beware. Use only pure, 100% Oregano oil, and apply only one drop under the tongue every couple of hours to get rid of strep throat.

Peppermint oil, one of the ingredients in Antiseptic Breath Freshener, is known to have the following properties*:

  • Analgesic: Relieves pain

  • Antacid: Reduces or neutralizes acidity, as of the gastric juice or any other secretion

  • Antidyspeptic: Prevents or relieves indigestion

  • Antiemetic: A herb that prevents or arrests vomiting or one that controls nausea and vomiting

  • Antigerm: Antagonistic or opposing germs

  • Anti-inflammatory, Antiphlogistic: Reduces inflammation by acting on body mechanisms

  • Antiseptic: Prevents infection by inhibiting the growth of bacteria

  • Antiviral: Opposes viruses by weakening or abolishing virus action

Note: This property is also shared by “Listerine”, which contains Thyme essential oil.

  • Aromatic: Having an agreeable, somewhat pungent, stimulating, spicy aroma

  • Astringent: Causes tissue contraction, arresting secretions and controlling bleeding

  • Carminative: Reduces gas and flatulence

  • Cordial: A sweet aromatic that aids digestion, stimulates the heart, and raises the spirits

  • Expectorant: Helps remove excess mucous from the lungs

  • Nervine: A sedative upon the nervous system

  • Parasiticide: Destroys parasites

  • Refreshing: Cooling, replenishing, and reviving

  • Stimulant: Increases vitality and promotes a sense of well-being; lymph drainage; stimulates nervous system

*The above properties of peppermint may be found in the following source: Herbal Property Dictionary, by Steve Blake, AHG, Dsc, Master Herbalist, available from LifeLong Press at http://www.NaturalHEalthWizards.com

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Wipe Out Nasal Viruses Instantly

By Yohanan Burket

Virus Terminator caption 200dpiEver notice how drugstore nose sprays only open up nasal passages temporarily, requiring repeated applications to keep the nose clear?

Virus Terminator kills viruses instantly on contact as it contains elemental iodine, a proven antiseptic. The iodine penetrates the membranes, going after any viruses that embed themselves in membranes. Further, iodine is able to prevent the formation of more viral colonies. Thus, taking this product can actually fend off viral attacks for a few hours.

The active ingredient against viruses is the elemental iodine contained in Virus Terminator. Iodine was not called the universal medicine in the early 20th century for nothing; it cures many diseases and can easily destroy bacteria, viruses, and even fungus. Potassium iodide was added to the mix to allow the elemental iodine to be soluble in the distilled water base. For an extra punch, especially for bacteria, silver ions were added to the mix.

Virus Terminator comes in 30 ml (1 oz) nasal pump sprayers that conveniently fit into a purse or bag for traveling.

Iodine Is The Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza

A prominent iodine doctor, Dr. David Derry of Canada, writes:

“In 1945, a breakthrough occurred when J.D. Stone and Sir McFarland Burnet (who later went on to win a Nobel Prize for his Clonal Selection Theory) exposed mice to lethal effects of influenza viral mists. The lethal disease was prevented by putting iodine solution on mice snouts just prior to placing them in chambers containing influenza viruses.”

Another doctor familiar with iodine, Dr. David Brownstein, writes:

“So effective is iodine that aerosols can be effective in sterilizing a room at levels not even detectable by humans.”

“I have suggested that people put iodine into a nebulizer [Virus Terminator] for aerosol treatment for transdermal effect into the lung tissues in the case of lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, and tuberculosis.”

Thus, the Virus Terminator can alternatively be sprayed into the mouth while inhaling to stop lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, and tuberculosis!  You can order the Virus Terminator here.

Iodine Enhances Brain Function

If one is severely iodine deficient, cretinism can occur. Cretinism is defined to be severe mental retardation,. Iodine is an essential nutritional mineral used by the body, and its ingestion results in clear thinking.

Iodine Also Promotes a Healthy Immune System

In the article “Iodine Metabolism”, by Dr. Donald W. Miller, he writes:

“The thymus gland has an iodine pump. Iodine strengthens the immune system.”

Dr. David Brownstein discovered that 94.7% of his patients are deficient in inorganic iodine, in a population of 500 patients. Thus, virtually everyone should be doing something to increase their intake of iodine.

Iodine and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Dr. David Derry, MD, wrote a very interesting article entitled “Iodine: the Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses”. The abstract of his article is shown below.


After the 1918 Influenza Pandemic which killed an estimated 30 million people, governments financed research on the Pandemic’s causes. Over 25 years, influenza viruses were isolated and methods for killing them with various agents discovered. Iodine was the most effective agent for killing viruses, especially influenza viruses. Aerosol iodine was found to kill viruses in sprayed mists, and solutions of iodine were equally effective. In 1945, Burnet and Stone found that putting iodine on mice snouts prevented the mice from being infected with live influenza virus in mists. They suggested that impregnating masks with iodine would help stop viral spread. They also recommended that medical personnel have iodine-aerosol-treated rooms for examination and treatment of highly infected patients. Current methods of dealing with influenza infection are isolation, hand washing, antiviral drugs, and vaccinations. All of these methods can be improved by incorporating iodine into them. When impregnated with iodine, masks become much more effective, and hand washing is more effect when done with mild iodine solutions. Isolation techniques coupled with aerosol iodine would make them safer for patients, medical personnel, and all persons working with the public. Public health authorities could organize the distribution of iodine and at the same time educate the public in the effective use of iodine. Oral iodine might also boost body defense mechanisms in the upper oral and respiratory mucus.


Iodine incorporated into masks, solutions, aerosols, and oral preparations could help to kill influenza viruses and fight off an H1N1 Pandemic.”

See http://www.thyroidscience.com/reviews/derry/Derry.flu.iodine.9.19.09.pdf for the entire article.

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Make Your Own Fluoride-free Toothpaste

Make Your Own Fluoride-free Toothpaste

By Yohanan Burket

Fluoride hazardsThe dangers of fluoride are well-known to the natural health community. The adjacent graphic depicts just some of the hazards of fluoride. Other reasons to avoid fluoride include the displacement of beneficial magnesium in the teeth and bones, causing brittleness and thus more susceptibility for breakage. For more detailed information on the toxicity of fluoride, refer to the following posts:

Virtually All Commercial Toothpastes Contain Fluoride

Advanced fluorosis (fluoridation.com)

Advanced fluorosis (fluoridation.com)

It is supposedly safe to use fluoride toothpaste if you spit it out after use, and to call a poison control center if you don’t spit it out. What might surprise most people is that you have already ingested fluoride into your body by placing the toothpaste in your mouth. Think about under-the-tongue vitamins, such as vitamin B12, that are absorbed into the body this way. The same is true of the fluoride you put into your mouth.

Make Your Own Toothpaste

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA poor man’s toothpaste is baking soda, which is adequate for cleaning the teeth. To enhance the action of the baking soda, a breath freshener and a whitener can also be added. The breath freshener also covers the unpleasant taste of baking soda.

An innovative new toothpaste that is also a mouthwash and breath freshener has been introduced that you can make yourself, and the recipe for it is available on www.outoftheboxrecipes.yolasite.com. Where to purchase ingredients is given in the recipe. I use it myself and I haven’t needed to see a dentist in over 14 years. I am 65 and have all my teeth.

Link proving that commercial fluoride toothpaste is toxic:


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No Remedy for Ebola?

by Yohanan Burket

Colloidal_Silver_250ml_captionThe establishment medical system says there is no cure for Ebola. The vaccine that they hastily put together may or may not work, but is likely not to work based on the history of vaccines.

Just before the “wonder drug” penicillin came on the scene around 1940, doctors used a general purpose, broad spectrum antibiotic known as silver, usually in the form of silver nitrate. Penicillin, which has since been discovered to be useless against the new superbugs, had to be replaced with Amoxicillin, which has also become useless. However, both drugs were very profitable, and is the true reason for their promotion.

So why did silver come into ill repute? Simply because it was much cheaper than the so-called wonder drugs which were touted with much marketing hype. As it turns out, silver (and also copper) cannot be resisted by any kind of pathogen, no matter how much they mutate, making silver a superior product.

colloidal_silver_captionIn modern hospitals, research has been performed which shows that hospital objects are vectors for spreading germs, such as plastic trays and hospital doors. In the past, brass push plates were put on swinging doors because it was known that the copper in brass (brass = zinc + copper) killed germs. Recently, hospitals in Israel re-discovered that copper is an excellent material to use in hospitals for everything, including food trays. Copper-lined clothes, such as copper-woven socks, destroy bacteria and therefore the bad odor that normally occurs. Silver is even slightly better than copper, as it is a better conductor of heat and electricity. It could be that these conductors “short out” pathogens. Nevertheless, regardless of how they work, copper and silver destroy germs, super or otherwise.

2009SilverKillsEbolaDODIf the scare of Ebola or MRSA comes to your neighborhood, why not be prepared and have some silver solution on hand? You could be dead in two weeks waiting for your order to arrive, and the medical establishment doesn’t even offer colloidal silver. The newer silver solutions are suspended silver particles in a distilled water base and are called colloidal silver. Sometimes they are called ionic silver.

Colloidal (Ionic) silver can be taken internally or externally. It is even safe enough to spray in the eyes, unlike silver compounds. Also, the level of silver ion concentration is so low that it does not pose any risk of turning one blue, which can occur at high concentrations (>500 ppm) and in large amounts (1 quart/day) over an extended period (months).

The Out of the Box Remedies products only use 10 ppm colloidal silver.

Keep Your Immune System in Top Shape

immuneboost captionBesides colloidal silver, it is important to boost your immune system when a pandemic (or epidemic) occurs. Out of the Box Remedies also has an Immune Boost formula that keeps viruses at bay. The Immune Boost formula contains the top rated herbs for viral infections, namely Lomatium dissectum, Elderberry, and Goldenseal.

Lomatium dissectum has a history of success in the great flu epidemic of 1918. A certain tribe of Nevada, U.S., Indians were cured of this deadly flu by taking Lomatium dissectum root.

Elderberry has been demonstrated in recent years to make body tissue “slippery” to viruses, so they cannot gain a foothold and infect the host. This is the active ingredient in a popular antiviral remedy called Sambucol.

Goldenseal is also a top-rated antiviral remedy that is well-known by our grandmothers, right up there with chicken soup.

The Immune Boost formula offered by Out of the Box Remedies can be taken orally.

Counter-attack Viruses Where They Usually Strike First

antiviral nasal decongestant captionA special variation of the Immune Boost formula has been prepared that does not contain any alcohol, an extreme irritant to nasal passages. The Antiviral Nasal Decongestant contains colloidal silver and Goldenseal, a knock-out combination for getting rid of nasal viruses. Taking antivirals orally alone does not get rid of the source of most viral infections: the ones in your nasal cavity.

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Reverse Diabetes with Lugol’s Iodine

by Yohanan Burket

Hormone_Catalyst_5pct_caption1A noted expert on the use of iodine, Dr. Jorge Flechas, has this to say about the affect of iodine on diabetes:

“It was while treating a large 320-pound woman with insulin dependent diabetes that we learned a valuable lesson regarding the role of iodine in hormone receptor function. This woman had come in via the emergency room with a very high random blood sugar of 1,380 mg/dl. She was then started on insulin during her hospitalization and was instructed on the use of a home glucometer. She was to use her glucometer two times per day. Two weeks later on her return office visit for a checkup of her insulin dependent diabetes she was informed that during her hospital physical examination she was noted to have FBD. She was recommended to start on 50 mg of iodine (4 tablets) at that time. One week later she called us requesting to lower the level of insulin due to having problems with hypoglycemia. She was told to continue to drop her insulin levels as long as she was experiencing hypoglycemia and to monitor her blood sugars carefully with her glucometer. Four weeks later during an office visit her glucometer was downloaded to my office computer, which showed her to have an average random blood sugar of 98. I praised the patient for her diligent efforts to control her diet and her good work at keeping her sugars under control with the insulin. She then informed me that she had come off her insulin three weeks earlier and had not been taking any medications to lower her blood sugar. When asked what she felt the big change was, she felt that her diabetes was under better control due to the use of iodine. Two years later and 70 pounds lighter this patient continues to have excellent glucose control on iodine 50 mg per day. We since have done a study of twelve diabetics and in six cases we were able to wean all of these patients off of medications for their diabetes and were able to maintain a hemoglobin A1C of less than 5.8 with the average random blood sugar of less than 100. To this date these patients continue to have excellent control of their Type II diabetes. The range of daily iodine intake was from 50 mg to 100 mg per day. All diabetic patients were able to lower the total amount of medications necessary to control their diabetes. Two of the twelve patients were controlled with the use of iodine plus one medication. Two patients have control of diabetes with iodine plus two medications. One patient had control of her diabetes with three medications plus iodine 50 mg. The one insulin dependent diabetic was able to reduce the intake of Lantus insulin from 98 units to 44 units per day within a period of a few weeks.”

(taken from: Orthoiodosupplementation in a Primary Care Practice, by

Jorge D. Flechas, M.D.)

Why Is Lugol’s Iodine Good for Diabetics?

Dr. Flechas doesn’t let us know why the diabetes is reversed in patients who take Lugol’s iodine, but a probable reason is that because Lugol’s iodine contains elemental iodine. The antiseptic quality of elemental  iodine kills viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens. In short, iodine is a broad-based pathogen destroyer. Since oral ingestion of Lugol’s iodine results in iodine going nearly everywhere through the body, it will seek out and destroy pathogens of all types.

It is believed that diabetes is caused by a malfunctioning pancreas, which could be infected with pathogens, such as fungus. Destroy the fungus, and your body will restore the function of the pancreas.

In the future, I would like to see researchers look for pathogens that are eliminated by the body after ingestion of iodine. I believe they would find dead pathogens if they looked for them, confirming my suspicion of the cause of diabetes.

When researchers want to give diabetes to mice, they inject them with fungal spores! See http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11829314  for proof. Because of this fact, I am convinced that researchers know what causes diabetes but do not want to reveal this information to the public, as diabetes is a very profitable business for those who peddle insulin.


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What is the Deadly MERS Virus – is it like SARS?

Out of the Box Remedies

Photo Credit: Reuters/National Institute for Allergy and infectious diseases/handout via Reuters.

By Tovah Kersner

The deadly disease MERS CoV is an acronym for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome -Coronavirus and is more deadly than it’s genetic relative SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus, which killed 800 people during the 2002-2003 outbreak in China. Although MERS is deadlier, but so far as I write this post, it is believed to be less transmittable than SARS in humans. It’s understood that the virus could have come from infected camels or perhaps bats, but this still has to be confirmed.

What is the Deadly MERS Virus – is it like SARS?

The Symptoms are very similar to SARS. It’s a lung infection, with coughing, breathing difficulties and temperature or general flu like symptoms. The killer difference with MERS is that it also causes rapid kidney failure. With our over exposure to medical drugs and weakened immune systems, nutritional deficiencies, global high speed travel, dense populations, super bugs like MERS could potentially spread like wildfire and become the next global pandemic.

Alarmingly, there is no known cure in Western Medicine for MERS or any other superbug.

There is no known conventional anti-biotic, anti-viral drug, vaccine or any treatment in conventional western medicine to combat the MERS illness. When patients go to hospital emergency rooms, usually with weak immune systems, they are susceptible to catching other superbugs from the hospital. It’s reported that superbugs are now killing 48,000 patients every year, in the U.S.A alone.

Today May 15th.  Reuters reported – ‘Saudi Arabia said that 10 more people infected with MERS had died over the last two days and identified twenty new cases of the virus,

Out of the Box Remedies

Photo Credit: ivarfjeld.com/



pushing the total number of infections in the country to 511′. Since it’s outbreak in 2012 the MERS virus has spread to neighbouring, United Arab Emerates, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Jordan. Israel is on high alert, being part of the Middle East. There are reports that also suggest pilgrims from as far afield as Malaysia and the Philippines contracted the virus while on hajj in Mecca last year. The threat in the near future, is how will it spread during the hajj in Mecca in 2014.

The terrifying spread to western countries is on the increase. Only this week there were two cases reported in the USA, a case in the UK and France has also been suspected. The first case of MERS in the US was reported on the 2nd May, a healthcare worker, returning home from Saudi. Medical workers are at particular risk of infection!

Should we be afraid ?

Out of the Box Remedies

Photo Credit: chriswhubbard.com

Dr Ian Mackay, an epidemiologist at the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre at the University of Queensland, has been monitoring the pattern, and is warning about where this might be headed. The Saudi Health Ministry have been criticized for not publishing up to date findings that may help experts like Dr Mackay, as well as monitors at the World Heath Organization (WHO) to study whether the virus has mutated and become more transmittable through humans. If it has, then we are likely to see the inevitable pandemic. Dr Mackay Has a website with up to date reporting of the countries affected. On the 14th May he said the 19th country to be affected was the Netherlands. For Dr Makays website Click Here.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal 18th May the headline reads:

Health Officials Report First U.S. Person-to-Person MERS Transmission

This is a man in Illinois exhibiting evidence of infection after meeting with a doctor who was the first diagnosed U.S case. The friend of the doctor didn’t think his symptoms were bad enough to seek medical care, said the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, which is monitoring  for and investigating the MERS cases in the USA. Click Here for the full report.

Who is the most susceptible to the MERS Virus.

  • Obviously anyone who has been to an infected Middle East Country.
  • MERS is a very nasty disease for anyone with an already chronic disease i.e
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Hypertension
  • Lung Disease
  • Malignancy
  • Smokers.

For many who are particularly unhealthy with chronic diseases, the future of our universe doesn’t look like a fairy tale. So what’s the solution?

Prevention is better than cure. Let’s Make ourselves as healthy as possible.

Although there is much happening in the world that is beyond our control, we are still in charge of our own bodies. Prevention is always the best medicine! After all, we don’t cross a street without first looking to see if it is safe to cross. Without doing so would be insane. It’s the same with our health. Many people have relied on conventional western medicine for so long that the idea of there being no available western, conventional, doctor medicine for a disease like MERS, SARS and other superbugs is very frightening.

Take more responsibility for your own health.

Life is not like the old days, where if you read a label on a food product you knew it was reliable. (I know that was a long time ago) Check the labels on your food and even be diligent about the organic food that you think your buying. We can’t trust everything that we read on labels any more. Chia Seeds a Superfood but Beware

Stop drinking water with Fluoride Is your water filled with rat poison? It’s called Fluoride In other words we have to start taking personal responsibility for our own health

Out of the Box Remedies

Death in the Environment

issues. I’m not suggesting that if you feel sick, you should not go to see the doctor, if that is what you are used to doing, but start to be aware that there are other methods of powerful medicine which were around long before western medicine, which really has just tried to copy it.

Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Natural Remedies

For those not familiar with alternative medicine, which in many cases is banned as unsafe by the FDA, is in fact a great alternative and the only alternative, for preventing or ridding most of these superbug viruses. Even though these natural remedies have been used for thousands of years, combining some of them with western medicine can be dangerous, so seek professional help if you be taking any prescribed medicine.

How to prevent becoming infected by MERS. I am not suggesting that these are cures for MERS or any other superbug, but all of the following will help to keep your organs, immune system and general health in better shape, to help fight off any unwanted virus.

  1. You will find that many of theseproductscan be found in your kitchen or at your local health food store. Keep off sugar, alcohol, white product carbohydrates e.g flour, rice which mightbeGMO anyway, so all the more reason to cut ’em out
    1. The following are suggestions from my own past and present experiences. I am in my 60’s and healthier and more active than many a 30 year old.
    2. Keep away from fast food and processed foods.
  2. SAGE TEA for Lung Health (Don’t forget sage and onion stuffing in your chicken!)
  3. BAKING SODA. Helps to keep the body ALKALINE. Good alkalinity in the body prevents i.e cancer, diabetes, viral/bacterial diseases and will help to keep your Immune System in better shape.
  4. ZINC will strengthen your Immune System as well…
  5. l-Cysteine l-Glutamine
  6. SELENIUM (eat 2 Brazil Nuts everyday) helps to prevent viruses.
  7. 1/2 FRESH LEMON with 1 Tablespoon of OLIVE OIL in a cup of warm water every morning. Before your coffee or breakfast (This is a good cleanser for the digestive system, liver and kidneys.)
  8. RAW GARLIC (One of natures Anti-biotics)
  9. BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES  (for a great daily dose of vitamins and minerals) If you’ve not heard of Blackstrap Molasses take a look at Blackstrap Molasses is the Best

    Out of the Box Remedies

    Blackstrap Molasses

  10. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (15 reasons to use ACV)
  11. CRANBERRIES & DANDELION ROOT. (For good kidney health and liver function.)
  12. LUGOLS IODINE 10 mgs every day. (Acts as a very powerful anti-septic in the body and Thyroid health) See Hormone Catalyst for purchase. This is NOT the iodine that you buy at the pharmacy for cleaning open wounds.
  13. ANTI-VIRAL DECONGESTANT 2 X day everyday (Kills the onslaught of viruses viral/bacterial in the sinuses, where most viruses start.) See Anti-viral nasal decongestant 
  14. Minor Blue Green Dragon. (ephedra) A highly effective pandemic ingredient. See Natural News  – here you will find a report on Ephedra.

Related Resources for this article.


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