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Eliminating Skin Irregularities

by Yohanan Burket Getting rid of skin tags, warts, and other similar skin lesions, including the cancerous types, can be handled at your doctor’s office. They typically use liquid nitrogen to kill the offending growths, something you cannot do at … Continue reading

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Problems Medical Professionals Face in Dealing with Their Own Chronic Pain

by Jackie Waters Chronic pain is a problem that affects millions of people, and those who treat it on an everyday basis are not immune from developing pain conditions themselves. Many will discover, however, than there are a specific set … Continue reading

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Natural Remedy for Herpes

Gid rid of herpes with iodine Continue reading

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Psychiatry is Evil

by Yohanan Burket People have been conditioned to believe that the field of psychiatry has enhanced our lives somehow, as if by magic. Considering that the field of psychiatry started with a psychopath named Freud, one wonders how society could … Continue reading

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Natural Health: How it all started

Hi I’m Tovah.  John and I are an ideal  couple, because we’re both health nuts and  John keeps me up to date with what’s available for any ailment. I have to say, when I first saw his ‘laboratory’ for making … Continue reading

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