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Cataract Terminator Drops a Huge Success

by Yohanan Burket It gives me great pleasure to know that I am offering a product that tangibly helps people or pets with cataracts almost immediately, and inexpensively. Even I was amazed at the results, as this recent, unedited email … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Scams

by Yohanan Burket Considering the large number of obese people we see these days, it not surprising that the weight loss industry is by far the largest in the health category. The mentality of those who seek to lose weight … Continue reading

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Stealth Vaccinations Coming Your Way

by Yohanan Burket The stealth vaccinators from the WHO took Israel by storm recently, and the push was so fast and intense, no one even had time to investigate the efficacy or safety of the OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) vaccinations. … Continue reading

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Israel Stopping Water Fluoridation

by Yohanan Burket I’m excited that Israel has finally decided to stop dumping toxic fluoride compounds into the public water supply. I’ve complained about it for several years. Idiotic dentists opposed me. Unfortunately, the authorities will allow fluoride in the … Continue reading

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Bolster Your Sex Life Naturally – Part 2/2

By Yohanan Burket Natural ways of bolstering sexual desire and performance have become popular, largely because of the failure of pharmaceutical drugs and their usual side-effects. Another factor is the huge cost of taking pharmaceutical drugs.

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Save Your Pet’s Sight with Inexpensive Eye Drops

by Yohanan Burket Many a beloved pet has quietly gone blind in their later years, falling off patios and walking into branches laying around the yard. Sometimes they cannot even discern their owners, save for their sense of smell and … Continue reading

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Which Form of Supplements is Best?

by Yohanan Burket A bewildering array of options exist in the forms of herbal and nutritional supplements, including: Capsules – gelatin or plant-based encapsulated powder, good for 6 months to 1 year Tablets – compacted powder with binders, good for … Continue reading

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