Simple Tricks to Stay Healthy

By Yohanan Burket

Back in the 1950s, there were family doctors that offered useful tips to patients that did not benefit their wallets because they actually cared for their patients. One such doctor suggested the ultra-simple method of scraping the tongue daily, with a spoon or similar. People with chronic coughs can benefit greatly from this simple technique. I’ve also discovered that you can quickly rid yourself of bronchitis, pneumonia, and similar problems by inhaling 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, which I happen to offer on my website, incidentally (Healthy Teeth & Gums formula). Inhaled hydrogen peroxide is also excellent for getting rid of, or even preventing a bout with influenza.

Taking Iodine Daily

Iodine was the universal medicine a century ago, and has been quietly suppressed by the medical establishment that benefits from sick people, as it is more profitable for them. Called a toxin by the medical gangsters, iodine is in fact a necessary nutrient. Those who are fortunate enough to have a sufficient intake of iodine (about 5% of the population!) are much healthier overall. Here is a short list of iodine benefits:

Conditions treated with iodine


Taking Sufficient Amounts of Magnesium

Like iodine, magnesium has inumerable health benefits, and like iodine, most people are deficient in this important mineral (68%). How important is magnesium, you might ask? Well, if you have no magnesium in your body, your heart stops and you are a goner. Along with potassium, magnesium is needed to activate that pump known as your heart. Magnesium is also needed for strong bones and teeth, not fluoride or calcium! Fluoride is not even needed by the body and is a neurotoxin besides. I’ll bet your dentist never told you that fluoride is toxic, although he at least lets you know to spit out fluoride concoctions such as common toothpaste. Fortunately, there are some uncommon, non-fluoride toothpastes on the market. Getting back to magnesium, it is best to eat foods high in magnesium content, such as most nuts and greens. Avoid drugs of all kinds and alcohol, both of which deplete magnesium. This is probably the single most important reason why drugs have side effects, and this applies to almost all of them. Muscles and peace of mind are among the benefits of magnesium. Too much magnesium can result in diarrhea, so to take large amounts of magnesium, it is suggested that it be taken topically with a sprayer (also offered on my website). Did you ever wonder why young athletes have been known to suddenly die in competition? The answer is simple – they became completely depleted of magnesium while exercising and their hearts stopped. This is something else never reported by controlled media, which does not want you healthy (it is less profitable for them).

Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you know the easiest way to clean pots and pans is with white vinegar? White vinegar, which is diluted ascetic acid, should not be taken orally, however. The far more beneficial vinegar made from apples is recommended, and is known as apple cider vinegar (ACV). Like white vinegar, ACV cleans out toxins from your body. Taken in small amounts daily, it can keep you clean inside; a tablespoon in a glass of water in the morning is best. Add lemon and honey for even better results, as the lemon has an alkalizing effect on the body and the honey is antifungal. Honey has an infinite shelf-life, and it would be safe to eat honey hundreds of years old, assuming it was kept properly sealed. There is disinformation on the web that claims that vinegar somehow hurts the bones, but this is pure nonsense, and even likely propaganda from Big Pharma to keep people from being healthy. I personally knew a woman who lived to be 92 who chose to take a “skosh” of ACV every morning with honey in hot water. I always look at the diets of people who live long lives and try to emulate their habits.

Eating At Least Two Eggs Daily

I eat four eggs for breakfast daily, as I am also a natural bodybuilder and eggs are a tremendous boost for muscles. Before synthetic testosterone and other harmful drugs, strongmen ate lots of eggs and meat. Some of these old strongmen, like Paul Anderson and Louis Cyr, still hold strength records that have never been surpassed, even though they performed long before bulking drugs came along. As for longevity, I cite the 116 year old woman from Italy who ate two eggs daily. Why are eggs good for longevity? Because they are high in good cholesterol, and the people with the highest good cholesterol live the longest. Ignore the dumb doctors who try to lower your overall cholesterol with drugs. It is only bad cholesterol (usually plaque or too much calcium) that should be reduced.

About Yohanan

I am an avid health enthusiast who experiments with different herbs, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to address health issues. Over the past 17 years, I have successfully solved a number of health problems using the natural approach and by adhering to a healthy diet and exercise. At 70, I am healthy, strong, and virile.
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