Make Your Own Fluoride-free Toothpaste

Make Your Own Fluoride-free Toothpaste

By Yohanan Burket

Fluoride hazardsThe dangers of fluoride are well-known to the natural health community. The adjacent graphic depicts just some of the hazards of fluoride. Other reasons to avoid fluoride include the displacement of beneficial magnesium in the teeth and bones, causing brittleness and thus more susceptibility for breakage. For more detailed information on the toxicity of fluoride, refer to the following posts:

Virtually All Commercial Toothpastes Contain Fluoride

Advanced fluorosis (

Advanced fluorosis (

It is supposedly safe to use fluoride toothpaste if you spit it out after use, and to call a poison control center if you don’t spit it out. What might surprise most people is that you have already ingested fluoride into your body by placing the toothpaste in your mouth. Think about under-the-tongue vitamins, such as vitamin B12, that are absorbed into the body this way. The same is true of the fluoride you put into your mouth.

Make Your Own Toothpaste

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA poor man’s toothpaste is baking soda, which is adequate for cleaning the teeth. To enhance the action of the baking soda, a breath freshener and a whitener can also be added. The breath freshener also covers the unpleasant taste of baking soda.

An innovative new toothpaste that is also a mouthwash and breath freshener has been introduced that you can make yourself, and the recipe for it is available on Where to purchase ingredients is given in the recipe. I use it myself and I haven’t needed to see a dentist in over 14 years. I am 65 and have all my teeth.

Link proving that commercial fluoride toothpaste is toxic:


About Yohanan

I am an avid health enthusiast who experiments with different herbs, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to address health issues. Over the past 17 years, I have successfully solved a number of health problems using the natural approach and by adhering to a healthy diet and exercise. At 70, I am healthy, strong, and virile.
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2 Responses to Make Your Own Fluoride-free Toothpaste

  1. tinalynn8 says:

    Now apparently there is triclosan ( sp? ) within the paste – thanks…
    I am going to be taking action…
    Will also help paycheck to paycheck family .

    • Yohanan says:

      I’ve also discovered that baking soda is good for cleaning my hair. After applying a water-baking soda mixture to my hair, I then spray my scalp with apple cider vinegar. This is another way to save money, and avoid harmful sulfates like sodium laureth sulfate, that is present in virtually every commercial soap or shampoo.

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