The Enlarged Prostate (BPH) Problem

by Yohanan Burket

A significant proportion of men over 50 are plagued with an enlarged prostate. The prostate is a male gland that is adjacent to the bladder, and when the prostate becomes enlarged, it causes urinary flow restriction. The net result is incomplete urination and frequent trips to the loo (bathroom).

The medical establishment does not have an understanding of the cause of prostate enlargement, but there are natural remedies for this problem. What the medical establishment has discovered is that certain drugs that remedy ED (erectile dysfunction) also solve the enlarged prostate problem. However, the preferred drug has unwanted side effects, like most other synthetic concoctions.

Investigating Technical Terms for an Enlarged Prostate

The technical term for an enlarged prostate is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). Definitions of technical terms are shown below.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – enlargement of the prostate gland caused by a benign overgrowth of chiefly glandular tissue that occurs especially in some men over 50 years old and that tends to obstruct urination by constricting the urethra ― abbreviation BPH ― called also benign prostatic hypertrophy”

Now let us look at the individual terms:

Benign – 3 a : of a mild type or character that does not threaten health or life especially : not becoming cancerous <a benign lung tumor>” — Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary

Prostatic – pertaining to the prostate gland

Hyperplasia – Medicine & Biology the enlargement of an organ or tissue caused by an increase in the reproduction rate of its cells, often as an initial stage in the development of cancer.” — Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Hypertrophy – 1 : excessive development of an organ or part specifically : increase in bulk (as by thickening of muscle fibers) without multiplication of parts” — Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary

The definitions of the technical terms themselves prove that BPH is unknown, as the definitions of individual terms contradict each other! For example, the definition of “Benign” is “…not becoming cancerous”, yet the definition of Hyperplasia implies that it is cancerous! The only statement that can be safely made is that the organ expands in size.

Is an Enlarged Prostate Caused by Cancer?

There is no evidence to say that an enlarged prostate is benign, given the above definition. Most prostate cancer victims are indeed the same ones who were previously suffering from enlarged prostates.

I also believe that the standard definition of cancer is seriously flawed as well, and prove it in another article entitled “The Mystery Surrounding Cancer”. Simply put, the standard definition of cancer is “cells gone wild”, inexplicably multiplying without any cause or proof. The realistic model for cancer should be the common mold, especially Candida Albicans. The fact remains that cancer is ALWAYS accompanied by mold, so why couldn’t it be the cancer itself? No one has been able to disprove this hypothesis.

Given a realistic appraisal of an enlarged prostate, it is reasonable to assume that it has been attacked by mold, which would indeed increase its girth.

As it turns out, anti-mold substances get rid of BPH.

Proven Natural Remedies for BPH

Prostate Size Reducer captionNaturopathic (Natural) doctors routinely recommend Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, and Pygeum for BPH. Another substance that has even been proven to reverse prostate cancer is called Dragon’s blood, or Sangre de Drago by the Spanish-speaking natives who discovered this remedy. They don’t know why Sangre de Drago works, they just know it does.

I suspect Sangre de Drago cures cancer because it is anti-mold. I have applied this substance to fungal lesions and have seen the lesions disappear. Although mild compared to Zinc Chloride at 30% concentration, it still can destroy mold, and by extension, cancer.

Out of the Box Remedies offers Sangre de Drago in addition to Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle. To prevent urinary tract infections which are common to an enlarged prostate, the Prostate Size Reducer formula includes colloidal silver.

Are More Ingredients Better?

There is another product on the market that boasts no less than 14 ingredients, some of which are commonly found in other supplements or food, such as selenium and zinc. I believe this is just a marketing ploy because it means that there is less of each ingredient in the final analysis. Let’s say that a formula with four ingredients comes in a 500 mg capsule. This means that each ingredient represents 500 mg/4 = 125 mg each, assuming equal parts of each ingredient. This compares to a paltry 500 mg/14 = 36 mg for each component in the 14-ingredient formula. It is also the reason that multi-vitamins are largely useless – there is not enough of any single ingredient to make an impact on your health, assuming one does not swallow the entire contents of the bottle at once! Even the producer of the 14-ingredient formula admits that the traditional 3-ingredient formula with Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, and Pygeum worked just fine for his father-in-law.

About Yohanan

I am an avid health enthusiast who experiments with different herbs, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to address health issues. Over the past 17 years, I have successfully solved a number of health problems using the natural approach and by adhering to a healthy diet and exercise. At 70, I am healthy, strong, and virile.
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  1. No doubt prostate cancer in very common in among all populations due to its genetic predisposition and some common environmental triggering factors like smoking, pollution and unhealthy life style.Prostate cancer has some bothersome complications and often difficult to treat when reaches to advance progressive state which very queer and pathetic for prostate cancer patients.But it is good to see the advancements in the area of prostate cancer treatment and research which is a new hope for patients suffering from such devastating disease.

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