Psychiatry is Evil

by Yohanan Burket

People have been conditioned to believe that the field of psychiatry has enhanced our lives somehow, as if by magic. Considering that the field of psychiatry started with a psychopath named Freud, one wonders how society could have functioned for thousands of years before he was born! What is the true nature and purpose of psychiatry? Was there a concept being introduced that was previously unknown, or was it an attempt to replace something else? Considering the information I have gleaned, even first hand information, I am convinced that psychiatry was created to replace the teachings and concepts of the Holy Scriptures.

Have you ever noticed the schism that exists between psychiatry and certain religions? Psychiatry preaches abortion, Scripture instructs us to save innocent lives. Psychiatry not only endorses but promotes deviant lifestyles; Scripture solidly condemns them and even calls them an abomination. What do you think is the perspective of a psychiatrist on the destruction of Sodom as recorded in Scripture? Did you ever wonder where the bogus idea of evolution came from? We are actually in the process of devolution (devil-lution!). Look around and see how much more people hate each other, compared to the past. The divorce rate alone confirms this assertion, and women’s liberation was the key philosophy that led to this division between the sexes. Psychiatry promotes such divisiveness.

Religious Group Condemns Psychiatry

Just recently, a religious group condemned psychiatry, and was immediately attacked by the press, as if to say that they were crazy. Some intelligent person wrote a comment that I’ll duplicate below:

When did we think it was o.k to ‘force’ people to be drugged, locked up or given electric shock?

Psychiatry is evil

By Bob 18 Sep 201309:40AM

The difference – scientology and other relgions do not ‘force’ people to be drugged, or ‘force’ people to be locked up against their will, or ‘force’ people to be given electric shock for not behaving the way the psychiatrist wants people to behave. Scientology and religion do not deny the existence of God – Psychiatry does, psychiatry is the most anti-religious, racist, sexist and abusive organisation in the world and if freud were alive today, he would be in jail as a pedophile for conducting sexually explicit experiments in under-aged girls. Wake up World, when did we begin to think it was o.k. to drug people for their behavior, to label them derogative labels and torture them with electric shock to train them like dogs?”

I in no way endorse Scientology,  but they are right about psychiatry.

The Kidnapping and Torture of My Late Wife

When psychiatrists are given power, they are deadly. When my wife went to have her gangrenous foot examined at a hospital, the doctor recommended that her entire leg be removed, adding that she should get a second opinion. Before we even had a chance to visit another hospital to get a second opinion, my wife was forcefully kidnapped by goons from a mental asylum, and without explanation. Two armed policeman made sure that the edict, handed down by psychiatrists, was carried out. She was sent to the lock-down section of the mental asylum, as though she was some dangerous criminal. She was denied her rights as a human being to choose the hospital of her choice and make her own decisions about her health.

While incarcerated, she was given all sorts of drugs which caused her to vomit continuously, causing her to experience dehydration. The pscho drugs that they forced on her did not allow her to think clearly, and they put SALT (sodium chloride) on her open wound, causing excruciating pain and BLEEDING, causing blood poisoning which killed her a few days later. She received no adequate pain relief for her suffering, and sometimes no pain relief whatsoever. She screamed all night for help, to no avail. She was so weak that she could not go to the toilet, and no one helped her. She went for days without sleep, consequently. Even a person who was not ill to begin with would succumb to such treatment. And the goon doctors persisted in drugging her, even after they saw the effects of their actions. For eight days, she was locked up and not permitted to visit another hospital, and it would have been much longer if my lawyer did not put pressure on the institution. Unfortunately, when she was finally released, she died 30 hours later.

The Ministry of Health here in Israel is investigating, or so they say. My wife died over two and one half years ago.

I should say that she was killed two and a half years ago, and I hold psychiatry responsible.

Are Mental Asylums Really Necessary?

After the dreadful story of my late wife reached the newspapers, I was contacted by others in similar situations. The conclusion of everything I heard boiled down to this: psychiatry is evil. When the psychopathic criminals called psychiatrists gain absolute power over someone, they commit heinous crimes. For example, in Israel it is against the law to force drugging on people. But this “law” is magically abrogated when the psychiatrists say so. They are a bunch of control freaks playing the Devil, who place themselves above any and all laws.

Some say that Mental Asylums are good for recovering alcoholics and drug users, and some even put themselves into these institutions. But from my own experience, I only saw misery and extreme unhappiness in the asylum when I came to visit my incarcerated wife. The atmosphere there promotes suicide, and I don’t make this statement lightly. I feel extreme anger and rage at the actions of the tin-horned devils who run these places.

Husbands, how would you feel if some psychiatrist declared your wife or children “incompetent” and have them taken away from you and tortured? Let’s stop these insane criminals.

About Yohanan

I am an avid health enthusiast who experiments with different herbs, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to address health issues. Over the past 17 years, I have successfully solved a number of health problems using the natural approach and by adhering to a healthy diet and exercise. At 70, I am healthy, strong, and virile.
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5 Responses to Psychiatry is Evil

  1. Joel says:

    Hi John. Its Joel. So sorry to hear about what your wife had to endure. But we are going to make sure that psychiatry is exposed as the pseudo-science that it is.

    • Yohanan says:

      I also had to endure a lot, being stripped as my rights as a husband to guard and protect her from thugs. I hope that we can get the psychiatric thugs booted out and their mental asylums boarded up in our country, at least.

  2. Rajendra Biswas says:

    All psys are Bastards!! they themselves are psychopaths! In the end its all about power…We got power too but we should unite and fight this disease of our holy earth…I dont know about scriptures…but this is against Mother NATURE…If we dont kill this freaks then nature will…..

  3. A Christian says:

    Hello .

    Criminal state of Israel put me 2 Times in psychiatry without doing NOTHING BAD !
    I hope If GOD help me….to take Israel before INTERNATIONAL COURT because they broke the law: ” United Nations forbids forced treatment and involuntary detention ” – from book ——-> Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial by Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, Peter C. Gøtzsche

    They injected me by force ! + Force me to take their pills

  4. Yohanan says:

    I’m afraid you’re out of luck, as the International UN Court is even more criminal than the psychiatric institutions. I tried to obtain justice for the abuse of my late wife, but was unsuccessful. It is better to forget about your ordeal, and let God deal with those evil bastards. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the LORD”.

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