Israel Stopping Water Fluoridation

by Yohanan Burket

English: "At the Sign of the UNHOLY THREE...

English: “At the Sign of the UNHOLY THREE”, a flier issued in the 1950s–60s to promote hygiene as an anti-communist goal Category:Political posters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m excited that Israel has finally decided to stop dumping toxic fluoride compounds into the public water supply. I’ve complained about it for several years. Idiotic dentists opposed me. Unfortunately, the authorities will allow fluoride in the water for another year, probably to appease the peddlers of this poison. The article on this subject from Jews News is repeated below: Israel Outlaws Water Fluoridation Posted on 8/13/2013 by admin By: Douglas Main, Staff Writer Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that water fluoridation in the country must end by 2014, according to news reports. This landmark decision goes even further than legislation by the health minister Yael German earlier in the year that would have ended mandatory fluoridation nationwide, reports the Irish publication Hot Press. Israel is one of the few countries that widely fluoridates, besides the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Fluoridation, the addition of fluoride to public drinking water supplies to reduce cavities, is the subject of intense controversy, especially outside of the United States. But opposition to the practice, on the grounds that fluoride has adverse effects on the thyroid, brain and bones, and is an unethical form of mass-medication, appears to be growing. Israel’s decision to ban fluoridation follows a vote to preclude the practice in Portland, Ore., and Wichita, Kan. It was also recently overturned in Hamilton, the fourth most populous city in New Zealand.”

English: photo of Yael German mayor of Herzliy...

English: photo of Yael German mayor of Herzliya עברית: תמונה של יעל גרמן, ראש עיריית הרצליה (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The post above was taken from: A translation from Hebrew of the legal decision is shown here:

Get Rid of Fluoride in Your Water

Years ago, I took matters into my own hands and decided to filter out the fluoride myself using a British Berkefeld gravity water filter with special fluoride filtering canisters. There are now even counter-top fluoride filters available on the market, as people are getting wise to the dangers of fluoridation. Pure Water Filters offers such a counter-top fluoride water filter here: Be aware that virtually all water filters available on the market are NOT capable of filtering out fluoride.

Fluoride Dangers

The premise of fluoride being good for your teeth is a bald-faced lie, motivated by those who wanted to dump their toxic fluoride waste – such as the aluminum industry and others. As stated by the Israel court system plaintiff, fluoride indeed has an adverse effect on the thyroid, brain, and bones. Examining each one of these claims individually, it is not hard to see why Israel and other fluoridated communities decided to pull the plug on fluoridation:

  • Adverse effect on thyroid – fluoride displaces the iodine necessary for proper thyroid function
  • Adverse effect on brain – fluoride displaces iodine in the brain, which is necessary to prevent cretinism (mental and physical retardation).
  • Adverse effect on bones – fluoride displaces beneficial magnesium in the teeth and bones. Excessive fluoride leads to fluorosis and brittle hips that can be easily fractured.
  • Forced medication – It is a farce to consider fluoride “medication” as it is not used by the body and is in fact simply a poison; fluoride compounds are contained in rat poison! Even if fluoride was good, who wants to be medicated against their will?

In another post, I outline the dangers of fluoride: .

Stop the Toxic Peddlers!

English: H. Trendley Dean, D.D.S. (1893–1962)....

English: H. Trendley Dean, D.D.S. (1893–1962). Dean was a dental surgeon and epidemiologist who is associated with the introduction of community water fluoridation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anything goes when money is involved. Only grass roots organizations can put a stop to greedy peddlers who care more about their net worth than your health (and theirs, ironically). In Israel, it was the diligent efforts of the Association for Dissemination of Health Education in Israel that put a stop to this fluoridation madness.

Detox Yourself of Fluoride

A simple way to get rid of fluoride that has accumulated in your body is to take selenium. Brazil nuts provide very large amounts of selenium. Just two nuts per day provides an ample 200 mcg of selenium. Be careful not to eat too many Brazil nuts, however, as too much selenium can displace zinc, another necessary mineral.


Suggested reading: .

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I am an avid health enthusiast who experiments with different herbs, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to address health issues. Over the past 17 years, I have successfully solved a number of health problems using the natural approach and by adhering to a healthy diet and exercise. At 70, I am healthy, strong, and virile.
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