Simple Tricks to Stay Healthy

By Yohanan Burket

Back in the 1950s, there were family doctors that offered useful tips to patients that did not benefit their wallets because they actually cared for their patients. One such doctor suggested the ultra-simple method of scraping the tongue daily, with a spoon or similar. People with chronic coughs can benefit greatly from this simple technique. I’ve also discovered that you can quickly rid yourself of bronchitis, pneumonia, and similar problems by inhaling 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, which I happen to offer on my website, incidentally (Healthy Teeth & Gums formula). Inhaled hydrogen peroxide is also excellent for getting rid of, or even preventing a bout with influenza.

Taking Iodine Daily

Iodine was the universal medicine a century ago, and has been quietly suppressed by the medical establishment that benefits from sick people, as it is more profitable for them. Called a toxin by the medical gangsters, iodine is in fact a necessary nutrient. Those who are fortunate enough to have a sufficient intake of iodine (about 5% of the population!) are much healthier overall. Here is a short list of iodine benefits:

Conditions treated with iodine


Taking Sufficient Amounts of Magnesium

Like iodine, magnesium has inumerable health benefits, and like iodine, most people are deficient in this important mineral (68%). How important is magnesium, you might ask? Well, if you have no magnesium in your body, your heart stops and you are a goner. Along with potassium, magnesium is needed to activate that pump known as your heart. Magnesium is also needed for strong bones and teeth, not fluoride or calcium! Fluoride is not even needed by the body and is a neurotoxin besides. I’ll bet your dentist never told you that fluoride is toxic, although he at least lets you know to spit out fluoride concoctions such as common toothpaste. Fortunately, there are some uncommon, non-fluoride toothpastes on the market. Getting back to magnesium, it is best to eat foods high in magnesium content, such as most nuts and greens. Avoid drugs of all kinds and alcohol, both of which deplete magnesium. This is probably the single most important reason why drugs have side effects, and this applies to almost all of them. Muscles and peace of mind are among the benefits of magnesium. Too much magnesium can result in diarrhea, so to take large amounts of magnesium, it is suggested that it be taken topically with a sprayer (also offered on my website). Did you ever wonder why young athletes have been known to suddenly die in competition? The answer is simple – they became completely depleted of magnesium while exercising and their hearts stopped. This is something else never reported by controlled media, which does not want you healthy (it is less profitable for them).

Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you know the easiest way to clean pots and pans is with white vinegar? White vinegar, which is diluted ascetic acid, should not be taken orally, however. The far more beneficial vinegar made from apples is recommended, and is known as apple cider vinegar (ACV). Like white vinegar, ACV cleans out toxins from your body. Taken in small amounts daily, it can keep you clean inside; a tablespoon in a glass of water in the morning is best. Add lemon and honey for even better results, as the lemon has an alkalizing effect on the body and the honey is antifungal. Honey has an infinite shelf-life, and it would be safe to eat honey hundreds of years old, assuming it was kept properly sealed. There is disinformation on the web that claims that vinegar somehow hurts the bones, but this is pure nonsense, and even likely propaganda from Big Pharma to keep people from being healthy. I personally knew a woman who lived to be 92 who chose to take a “skosh” of ACV every morning with honey in hot water. I always look at the diets of people who live long lives and try to emulate their habits.

Eating At Least Two Eggs Daily

I eat four eggs for breakfast daily, as I am also a natural bodybuilder and eggs are a tremendous boost for muscles. Before synthetic testosterone and other harmful drugs, strongmen ate lots of eggs and meat. Some of these old strongmen, like Paul Anderson and Louis Cyr, still hold strength records that have never been surpassed, even though they performed long before bulking drugs came along. As for longevity, I cite the 116 year old woman from Italy who ate two eggs daily. Why are eggs good for longevity? Because they are high in good cholesterol, and the people with the highest good cholesterol live the longest. Ignore the dumb doctors who try to lower your overall cholesterol with drugs. It is only bad cholesterol (usually plaque or too much calcium) that should be reduced.

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Emergency Medical Supplies

by Yohanan Burket

In light of all the recent hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, epidemics, and earthquakes, it makes sense to have basic preparations on hand. As there is much information on basic prepping with regard to food, water, and gasoline/diesel, I will focus instead on medical supplies.

Firstly, emergencies are not predictable, but are generally spaced years apart, so any items you store should necessarily have a long shelf life. Obviously, the items found in most First Aid kits meets this requirement, as it contains gauze and the like. For more advanced problems, such as a powerful influenza epidemic, you cannot depend on traditional medical services to help, as they will be overwhelmed with patients.

Which natural substances used for medicinal purposes will have a significant shelf life? The most common forms of natural remedies falls into the following categories, along with its expected shelf life:

  • Herbal powders (~6 months – 1 year)

  • Vitamin, mineral, and amino acid pills or capsules (~ 1 – 2 years)

  • Glycerin tinctures (~1 – 2 years)

  • Alcohol tinctures (~5 – 10 years)

  • Colloidal silver (~1 year)

  • Hydrogen peroxide (~10 years)

  • Lugol’s iodine (~10 years)

From the list, you can see that herbal powders are not particularly good for emergencies due to their relatively short shelf life, but are still usable if you are already using them on a regular basis. If the herbal powders are just waiting for a disaster to happen, then it is not worthwhile to stock them. This would also be true for vitamin, mineral, and amino acid pills or capsules, in addition to glycerin tinctures.

Although Colloidal silver has a relatively short shelf life, you can make your own using a colloidal silver generator as needed.

Clearly, alcohol tinctures and Lugol’s iodine stand the test of time, and both are extremely useful in virtually all types of medical emergencies.

The Story of Lomatium versus Influenza

One of the most useful alcoholic tinctures to have on hand is Lomatium, as it is effective against influenza (the grippe). It was said to have cured people from the disastrous 1918 flu epidemic that killed millions of people, You can read more about this disaster from an eyewitness who was also a medical doctor here: You can also purchase Lomatium tincture (alcoholic) on this site.

Lugol’s Iodine Once Called Universal Medicine

Approximately 100 years ago, Lugol’s iodine was administered internally and externally to patients who had problems that other medications could not address.

Note: Iodine found in the drugstore CANNOT be taken internally as it is contaminated with rubbing alcohol (toxic isopropyl alcohol). Lugol’s iodine does not contain any alcohol — just elemental iodine, potassium iodide, and water.

Contrary to what most people believe, iodine is good for much more than the thyroid, and is even found in the brain. It is so important that mental powers are diminished substantially by a lack of iodine in a condition known as cretinism (extreme mental retardation). There is a strong possibility that some of the mental diseases found in the elderly (Parkinsons, Alzheimers, etcetera) could be partially attributed to an iodine deficiency. The list of ailments known to be solved using iodine is long. Here is a list of just some of those ailments:


Out of the Box Remedies offers a Virus Terminator, a nasal spray containing a low concentration of Lugol’s iodine, and it beats anything else that I ever tried, and I have tried nearly everything in bouts with the ‘flu.

Lugol’s iodine, sold as “Hormone Catalyst” on Out of the Box Remedies, makes an excellent remedy for food poisoning. Just six drops of Hormone Catalyst, and your food poisoning is neutralized, as iodine kills pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and fungi! Iodine is so good that surgeons use it to coat skin before incisions.

Iodine is also a superior water purifier, even exceeding foul-tasting bleach. I would consider Hormone Catalyst a must-have for flood conditions.

Iodine ingestion (using Hormone Catalyst) even reduces the amount of insulin required for diabetics, according to iodine doctors.

Urinary Tract Infections and Other Common Ailments

Urinary tract infections can be easily be remedied by taking 10ppm colloidal silver orally (1 tablespoon, or ~15ml) before each meal until the problem is gone. Many other common ailments are listed on websites such as, along with suggested remedies. You can order the recommended alcoholic herbal tincture remedies for ailments listed that you think might affect you. For example, if you live in a malaria-infested area, you would want the relevant alcoholic herbal tincture on hand.

Other Uses for Natural Remedies

Certain convenience items, such as natural bug repellent, are nice to have, especially in a mosquito-infested area. Mosquitoes are a genuine concern during a flood, and there is a very effective herbal remedy for it — namely a certain product called Neem Herbal Skin Conditioning Spray, by NeemAura Naturals, and available for purchase on This Neem spray is far better than any other insect repellent I ever tried.

The Puerto Rico Disaster

One of the most devastating problems facing the Puerto Ricans is the lack of potable water, which might result in many waterborne illnesses. Fortunately, help is on the way, but some might not make it. For a detailed description of the hurricane aftermath in Puerto Rico, see this very enlightening article:

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Problems Medical Professionals Face in Dealing with Their Own Chronic Pain

by Jackie Waters

Chronic pain is a problem that affects millions of people, and those who treat it on an everyday basis are not immune from developing pain conditions themselves.

Many will discover, however, than there are a specific set of roadblocks that medical professionals face when trying to seek help for their own chronic pain.

They don’t prioritize their pain

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals experience chronic pain just like millions of others, but since they’re intimately involved in the medical field they tend to downplay their symptoms – often on a misplaced sense of pride and other times because they don’t want to burden others. On top of that, the personality traits of highly-motivated medical professionals predispose them to exacerbating their own chronic pain.

“Generally, physicians are perfectionists. They tend to have a strong sense of responsibility and a need for both control and approval. They often are plagued by self-doubts and tend to defer or delay gratification. All of these traits can affect the course of their chronic illness—the diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management,” says a study from the National Institutes of Health.

“Physicians often delay getting help when they first notice symptoms of an illness. The reasons for such delay include not wanting to appear weak or as if they are overreacting. They may be concerned about being wrong in their self-diagnosis or may not want to ‘bother’ colleagues. Some physicians may not think that self-care is a priority, perhaps assuming they will ‘get around to it later.’”

Medical professionals must not wait to begin to manage their chronic pain. Letting it get worse on the account of some sense of being “above it all” is a detriment to their personal health and the healthcare system in general.

Colleagues may not prioritize their pain

The same problem described above can influence the way other medical professionals react when their colleagues report chronic pain.

“Sometimes, doctors are often simply afraid that they can’t help you. That’s not a conversation any physician wants to have — after all, we’re wired to help our patients no matter what — so some may keep trying even though chronic pain isn’t really their expertise,” says the Randolph Pain and Wellness Center. “The opioid epidemic is putting doctors even more on the defensive, especially because many of them really aren’t trained in non-drug pain relief therapies. They’re very cautious about prescribing dangerous drugs, which is good — but they’re not sure what else can be done, either.”

This problem is magnified when it’s a doctor asking another doctor to help with their chronic pain.

What can be done?

You can’t rely on other medical professionals to be the be-all end-all of your treatment. You have to make numerous life changes at home to help you minimize your chronic pain. Proper diet and getting a good amount of exercise are paramount to mitigating the symptoms for your chronic pain. The latter may seem hard to do – as chronic pain can indeed limit exercise – but any little bit helps. Start small and work your way up to more strenuous exercise.

Above all, medical professionals must remember to take their own pain seriously and make time for self-care despite a hectic work schedule. The answer is not to load your body up with painkillers while continuing to move at the same pace. Not only is this ignoring the root problem, but it can potentially set one up for bigger addiction-related issues down the road. Painkiller abuse is rampant (and according to this study, this is the case even more so with women compared to men). Fortunately, there may be other options for medical professionals who deal with daily chronic pain..

Photo Credit:

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Natural Remedy for Herpes

by Yohanan Burket

All mainstream medical websites correctly claim that there is no cure for herpes. This is true in a qualified sense because mainstream medicine is limited in what they are allowed to offer to the public. Millions of dollars, years of research, zillions of double-blind studies, and FDA approval impede the process of making a workable remedy available to the public. Add to that the very high failure rate of vaccines, their favorite weapon.

Dr. David Brownstein found that 95% of people he tested for iodine are deficient in this nutrient. It is this very nutrient that is very unfriendly to viruses of any kind. Did you know that iodine was once the universal medicine a century ago?

 Iodine Discovered to Kill Herpes

Iodine is one of the most powerful virus killers on the planet, if not the most powerful. Think of surgeons spreading iodine over the skin just before surgery. Not only does iodine kill viruses, it is also unbeatable for bacteria and fungus as well. Since the medical establishment has not been of any help, people have reached out to each other on various forums, such as, to find out how to eliminate this awful disease. So far, none of the garden variety remedies work (such as apple cider vinegar, honey, or coconut oil). Here is a link to a testimonial from someone who discovered the value of iodine:

Ways to Take Iodine

Iodine can be taken either transdermally or orally, but oral ingestion is preferred for maximum results. People who cannot take iodine internally can use the transdermal approach, however. Only people that have Hashimoto’s disease need to worry about taking iodine internally. Other people need to increase their iodine dosage gradually, when taking iodine orally (in a glass of water). This is because people who are iodine deficient will experience itching if they take too much initially. For this reason, I have prepared a table to guide people on how to increase iodine dosage over time.

Protocol for Taking Iodine Internally is the website for the store.

Strong Lugol’s iodine is known as “External Tumor Remover” on the above website.

Note: Strong Lugol’s iodine contains 8.8 mg/drop. Lugol’s iodine is a water-based iodine solution, unlike the drugstore variety that uses toxic isopropyl alcohol. Drugstore iodine should never be taken internally.

Directions for Use

  1. On day one, take 1 drop (8.7 mg) of Strong Lugol’s iodine orally. If there is no itching anywhere on the body, then continue taking one drop/day for one week.

Note: If itching occurs, it indicates the presence of fungus. Iodine attacks fungus, and the fungus responds by emitting enzymes that cause itching. The enzymes emitted destroy your tissue in order to feed the parasitic fungus.

  1. Take 2 drops (17.4 mg) of Lugol’s iodine daily for the second week.

  2. Take 3 drops (26.1 mg) of Lugol’s iodine daily for the third week.

  3. Take 4 drops (34.8 mg) of Lugol’s iodine daily for the fourth week.

  4. Take 5 drops (43.5 mg) of Lugol’s iodine daily for the fifth week.

  5. Take 6 drops (52.2 mg) of Lugol’s iodine daily from the sixth week to the 12th week.

  6. Take 2 drops (17.4 mg) of Lugol’s iodine daily thereafter, indefinitely (maintenance dose).

Note: If any local pain should occur after itching, it means that you have destroyed the fungus and the dead fungus is giving up its mycotoxins, which attack the nervous system temporarily, causing pain.

For more information on iodine, see articles here:

To order, go to


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Results of Taking Natural Blood Pressure Reducer

by Yohanan Burket

My blood pressure today

My blood pressure today

Listening to the medical establishment, you would think that only they can provide the solution for high blood pressure, namely drugs with all their undesirable side-effects. What if I was to tell you that I used a completely natural formula that lowered my blood pressure from 130/80 to 99/66 in just a few days, without changing my diet or exercise habits? The results were unbelievable, so I asked a friend to try my Blood Pressure Reducer, and her systolic blood pressure dropped from 135 to less than 100 as well. Yet another friend told me that the Blood Pressure Reducer, sold by Out of the Box Remedies, works better than the meds she was taking. As with all natural remedies, there are no bad side effects. The main benefit is more energy.

Normal blood pressure is defined as 120/80 (systolic/diastolic), whereas high blood pressure averages 140/90 or higher.

New Ingredient for the Blood Pressure Reducer

Blood Pressure measured on wrist

Blood Pressure measured on wrist

A description of three of the ingredients of the Blood Pressure Reducer are described in a previous blog entitled “Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs”. The new ingredient, magnesium chloride, was added when I discovered that it also is beneficial in lowering blood pressure, while at the same time bolstering the circulation system via the heart. The heart absolutely needs magnesium (and potassium) to function. Magnesium is so important for the heart that even the medical establishment uses it for heart attack victims in emergency rooms. So why don’t conventional doctors recommend people take magnesium to prevent heart attacks? It is a sad fact that 68% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. We more frequently see young athletes in their 20s or even their teen years drop dead from extreme physical exertion. This is exactly what happens when magnesium is severely lacking in the body and sometimes leads to fatal heart attacks. Natural doctors are keenly aware of this fact and recommend magnesium for everyone. Although convenient to take in pill form, one can easily obtain magnesium in the right foods, namely almonds and greens.

Blood Pressure Reducer Formulation

Blood_Pressure_Reducer_captionOut of the Box Remedies offers a combination of the blood pressure reducing herbs mentioned in a previous blog entitled “Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs”, in addition to magnesium chloride.

  • Hawthorn Berry

  • Ginkgo Biloba

  • Olive Leaf

  • Magnesium chloride

The formulation, known as Blood Pressure Reducer, is modestly priced and more effective than drugs without any side effects. One must not even use drugs of this type at all when taking this natural solution.

Take advantage of free shipping worldwide on this product.

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Diabetes Remedy for Your Pet

by Yohanan Burket

Pet Diabetes Formula_captionA major reason for prevalence of diabetes in both people and pets is the widespread deficiency of iodine in our diets.

Dr. David Brownstein found that 95% of people he tested for iodine are deficient in this nutrient. It is highly likely that the same statistic would apply to pets.

What Causes Iodine Deficiency?

Since animal (and people) cannot produce iodine in the body, it must be introduced externally. The major cause of iodine deficiency is the low quality pet food, which does not contain any iodine.

Iodine Found to Reverse Diabetes

Iodine corrects the cause of diabetes, a disease that has become very prevalent in modern society. This remarkable observation was discovered by Dr. Jorge Flechas of North Carolina, USA, who accidently found out that administered iodine to a diabetic woman caused her diabetes to be reversed, requiring her to take less insulin. The details can be found on my other blog entitled Reverse Diabetes with Lugol’s Iodine.

Ways to Take Iodine

Iodine can be taken either transdermally or orally for pets, the same as for people. The easiest way to administer iodine to your pet is to put iodine drops in the pet’s water dish.

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Optimize your Oral Health

By Yohanan Burket

www.outoftheboxremedies.comThis might surprise you, but if you are over 30 years old, there is a better than 90 percent chance that you have oral health issues.

Typical oral health issues include bad breath (halitosis), swollen gums, bleeding gums, receding gums, gingivitis, and loose teeth. Unfortunately, commercial products are ineffective as evidenced by the fact that 90% of people over 30 have oral health problems.

Some manufacturers have recognized that essential oils are a powerful weapon in the war against oral health issues. Typical products now on the market include OralMD, OraWellness, and the featured Antiseptic Breath Freshener. The first two are only essential oils, whereas the Antiseptic Breath Freshener also includes colloidal silver, a known anti-bacterial that is effective against over 650 types of bacteria. The breath freshening properties of essential oils are second to none, and peppermint essential oil even causes one to feel exhilarated.

Colloidal (Ionic) Silver as an Anti-bacterial Agent

Colloidal silver has finally been recognized by mainstream medicine (again) as an effective anti-bacterial agent. I say “again” because colloidal silver was the antibiotic of choice before the so-called “miracle” drug known as penicillin. That penicillin is rarely if ever used means that it wasn’t quite a miracle. The fact is that most bacteria is now resistant to penicillin, along with other fungal-based antibiotics. Things have gotten so out of control in hospitals that the doctors are clueless in dealing with the new superbugs; they have essentially give up when faced with superbugs, even though the solution is right under their noses. You see, doctors are only allowed to prescribe specific drugs, and colloidal silver isn’t on the list, even though it has proven itself as a safe antibacterial agent. Fake sites such as “snopes” try to demonize colloidal silver by saying it turns you blue, but that is utter nonsense in low concentrations (such as 10 ppm) and in ionic form (as opposed to silver compounds such as silver nitrate). True colloidal silver is simply silver ions floating in a distilled water solution.

The clothing industry recently discovered that silver or copper strands in socks reduce foul odors, and that is because both of these metals have antibacterial properties.

Hospitals in Israel are investigating replacing door knobs with copper push plates, and replacing plastic trays with copper trays (probably copper plated for economy). Silver is even better, but is of course much more expensive than copper and silver items would be more likely to be “pinched” if in a public setting!

Essential Oils are Concentrated Medicine

The use of essential oils is well known in the natural health community, and Oregano oil is a prime example of a natural essential oil that is so powerful that it wipes out strep throat in short order. If you take Oregano oil immediately after acquiring a strep throat, you can completely eliminate it within 24 hours. If the strep throat has set in, you can still rapidly get rid of it within 72 hours. Compare these results with the typical two weeks required to get rid of strep throat by any other method (such as with Listerine, etcetera). Because Oregano oil is so powerful, it is often diluted with other cheaper oils, so let the buyer beware. Use only pure, 100% Oregano oil, and apply only one drop under the tongue every couple of hours to get rid of strep throat.

Peppermint oil, one of the ingredients in Antiseptic Breath Freshener, is known to have the following properties*:

  • Analgesic: Relieves pain

  • Antacid: Reduces or neutralizes acidity, as of the gastric juice or any other secretion

  • Antidyspeptic: Prevents or relieves indigestion

  • Antiemetic: A herb that prevents or arrests vomiting or one that controls nausea and vomiting

  • Antigerm: Antagonistic or opposing germs

  • Anti-inflammatory, Antiphlogistic: Reduces inflammation by acting on body mechanisms

  • Antiseptic: Prevents infection by inhibiting the growth of bacteria

  • Antiviral: Opposes viruses by weakening or abolishing virus action

Note: This property is also shared by “Listerine”, which contains Thyme essential oil.

  • Aromatic: Having an agreeable, somewhat pungent, stimulating, spicy aroma

  • Astringent: Causes tissue contraction, arresting secretions and controlling bleeding

  • Carminative: Reduces gas and flatulence

  • Cordial: A sweet aromatic that aids digestion, stimulates the heart, and raises the spirits

  • Expectorant: Helps remove excess mucous from the lungs

  • Nervine: A sedative upon the nervous system

  • Parasiticide: Destroys parasites

  • Refreshing: Cooling, replenishing, and reviving

  • Stimulant: Increases vitality and promotes a sense of well-being; lymph drainage; stimulates nervous system

*The above properties of peppermint may be found in the following source: Herbal Property Dictionary, by Steve Blake, AHG, Dsc, Master Herbalist, available from LifeLong Press at

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